i'm Felipe, Spain 20. forever alone, whatever ask, i don't talk to anyone and i don't care....
yeah i love it
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↳ Saturday Challenge

✖ 15 Days of Kyoukai no Kanata - DAY 12: Cute scene


cybersyncing said: ok but hear me out: The Hobbit where everything is the same except Bilbo has the personality of Martin Freeman

Making of Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (directed by Mamoru Hosoda)

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I wonder if we shall ever be put into songs or tales.

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Finally someone says what I always think when such questions are asked.

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You think I’m not a goddess?

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When relatives/random people im forced to engage with start talking about “”gay people”” like some mysterious unknowable entity


Main Characters and their changes across the novels.